Imagine a world in which you receive a monthly stipend, a basic income, with no strings attached and no questions asked. How might your life change?
While universal basic income (UBI) has caught on around the world as the next “big idea,” its antecedents and implications have yet to be explored. Earn a Living, a 7-part interactive documentary series aims to do just this: use basic income as a lens through which to interrogate our relationship to work, wealth and worth in the 21st century.
The series tackles the larger themes and questions related to basic income. Can people be trusted with “free money?” Who should pay to support society’s most vulnerable members? And what might the future of work look like (if such a thing as “work” will even exist)?

Yuval Orr - showrunner

Yuval Orr is an American-Israeli filmmaker and writer who has lived and worked in the US, Israel and Egypt. His first film, Down the Deep, Dark Web (Jerusalem International Film Festival, 2016), explored the hidden side of the Internet and was nominated for the Ophir Prize (Israel’s Oscars) in addition to screening at festivals around the world. Yuval also co-produced the documentary TV series Imperfect Spies, about the Israeli Mossad, for Israel’s Channel 8 and co-wrote, directed and produced the satirical web series Avi Does the Holy Land.


Founded in 1998, Upian is an interactive production company that produced Do Not Track, Prison Valley, Alma, a Tale of Violence with ARTE, and Generation What? with France Télévisions. Upian is also a digital creation studio working with French media (Rue89, L’Equipe, the AFP, Radio France, etc.)


ARTE is a public French-German channel that, since the early 90s, has supported European culture. Programs mix traditional and original content. Since 2008, ARTE digital development has produced over 30 interactive documentaries, news stories and fictive works.


Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) is Bavaria’s public broadcasting service and has around eight million viewers and listeners tuning in every day across Germany. With ten radio and two television stations, two internationally renowned orchestras, a celebrated chorus and approximately five thousand professionals, BR is one of Europe’s most respected broadcasting institutions. BR makes a significant contribution to the ARD network, which consists of nine regional public broadcasters and the external service Deutsche Welle.


VPRO is a public broadcaster in the Netherlands, and a leader in radio/television production and online content. Our creative teams explore what’s happening at the edges of society, pursue innovation and contribute to the public discourse. VPRO is always looking for new ways to stimulate meaningful conversation. Innovation is our core business. VPRO Digital, our new media department, has initiated and produced several award-winning projects.

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